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Independent Attorney at Law since 2007
Operating in the Canton of Zurich
Discreet. Personal. Committed. Reliable. Loyal.
Preferred Practice Areas
Estate Matters and Estate Planning
Divorce, Marital and Family Law
Contract Law and Commercial Mediation
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Attorney at Law, Mediator SBA / SCCM


helps private clients and entrepreneurs faced with legal challenges

to work out pragmatic, creative solutions, so that they can have peace of mind.



Shape your future. Now.

Address your challenges. Avoid mistakes.


Excessive emotion...
Excessive emotion may cloud your judgment, not mine. What prays on your mind? What keeps you up at night? Contact me before you make costly mistakes.
Secure your loved ones...
Secure your loved ones. Feather your own nest. Draw up a will.
Plan your business succession and reap the rewards of your labor.
Is there a life belt ready?
Is there a life belt or safety net ready? Have you taken precautions? Comprehensively? Do you have a living will, a healthcare proxy and powers of attorney for you, a desired guardian for your children, and an emergency plan for your company?
Do you negotiate contracts?
Do you negotiate contracts? Do you need advice? You name all the details of your transactions, the goals to aim for, the obligations to be assumed. We determine the risks to be avoided in order to evade unnecessary liability. We seek the common interests of your contractual partners.
Love and understanding are seldom together...
Love and understanding are seldom together. Even a dream of a wedding in white requires a consultation. A marriage contract can secure your assets.
All good things come to an end...
All good things come to an end. Divorce is approaching. Will I be evicted from my castle, my house?


Whether you are asserting or defending a claim, your story has to be a convincing one for the judge. Litigating involves opportunities and risks. Not all battles are worth fighting. The issues are subjective. The outcomes may vary from courtroom to courtroom. In any case, you will get a verdict and an end to your case.


Negotiation aims at balancing interests and settling differences. Negotiating a fair agreement is your way to move forward and actively shape your future. I will be happy to advise you on how to get your negotiating partners to say “yes”. Without the help of a lawyer, this may cost you more than you might think, especially in terms of support, crucial knowledge or possibly even more advantageous results.


Are you interested in a win-win solution? Do you prefer two winners when disputes arise? Would you like to save money, to preserve relationships, as well as to end conflicts sensibly and quickly? I would be happy to help you break down barriers and find creative, pragmatic agreements that work and are tailored to your needs.

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