Guiding principles

Guiding principles

Law is a service. You come first. I listen to you attentively, involve you in the decision-making process, and try to highlight your options in easy-to-understand terms. The better I know my clients, the faster we can tackle challenges together. Cooperation is based on trust, mutual respect, reliability, honesty, and openness to ideas and opinions. Your privacy and confidentiality will be respected. The approach is discreet, I am personally and passionately committed, and strive to work with you to achieve your goals and objectives.

How do I conduct my work? You can expect the following:

Your interests come first

Your interests are always top of mind. What distresses you? What motivates you? What are your goals?

I would like to know more about you – what things matter to you and what you hope to achieve. If retained, I would become your trusted conversation partner and advisor. I would listen intently, probe for crucial details, and ask myriad case-related questions. In return, I would expect honesty. Our conversations are private, ours alone, protected by the laws governing attorney-client privilege.

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you own a business? If so, I would like to learn about your products and services, industry, market, business philosophy, and how you and your operations function. Working together, there is a likelihood that we can anticipate and diffuse legal issues before they arise and ensure that your immediate legal concerns do not interfere with managing your business.

If you are seeking assistance individually, I will be interested in your home and work environment, dreams, motivations, life goals, emotions and fears. What makes or prevents your life from being fulfilling? We will talk through how a lawyer can support you on your life journey.

Trust, long-term relationship

Collaboration depends on trust. The foundation of a successful attorney-client relationship is unvarnished candor in communication. I need to be fully informed, even if the information is unpleasant and does not display you in a favorable light. That is the only way to anticipate and avert legal obstacles. Our conversations will be held in utmost confidence.

I will advise you discreetly and directly. The goal is to establish a trusting, long-term relationship, whether as an interlocutor, advisor, or legal representative.

You can confide what is bothering you and begin building a better future. Together, we will develop a strategy to avoid future conflicts (preventive) and to resolve existing conflicts. We will develop solutions that are tailored to your needs. Once devised, we will proceed step by step in executing our strategy. Together, we can dodge and control many of the challenges life throws at you.

Teamwork, open communication

You know your situation, your case, better than anyone. You retain me as a trusted advisor. We communicate regularly and openly whenever necessary or appropriate, by email, telephone, and video.

We craft a legal strategy and define your intermediate goals. Together, we develop a timetable of deliverables, and we assign responsibilities – not just mine, but yours as client.

The lawyer, the client and other crucial parties (e.g., experts, appraiser, accountants, private investigators) form a team. Your full cooperation is expected. You gather requested documents and make them available. Promptly. Most important, you answer questions promptly, fully and accurately.

Letters to third parties and filings will generally be submitted to you for approval and/or amendment. Similarly, case-related communication between you and third parties should be discussed with and vetted by me in advance. Such communication includes outreach to fellow or adverse litigants. I will apprise you regularly about ongoing proceedings and legal matters.

Electronic client file directory

All client documents (files, correspondence, petitions) are scanned. The client files are maintained electronically (pdf format). This enables us to work from anywhere, expedites document searches (“discovery”), and helps us keep track of everything.

Transparent billing

I am scrupulous about logging my work. Services are described in detail via periodic interim invoices. I am committed to keeping you fully and timely informed about the services rendered.