Commercial mediation

Self-determined solutions with two winners

What about working out self-determined solutions with two winners? Set the Course for Commercial Mediation Now!

Can you imagine a situation where there are two winners? Set the course now by facilitating constructive conflict management behavior. Internally, within the company, and externally with customers and business partners. Resolve conflicts with each other, considering the interests of all parties involved, and strive for sustainable solutions. Self-determined. You decide what you want and how you want it. You retain control and, thanks to confidentiality and privacy, relationships are preserved, at best even strengthened. This is promising.

Why not suggesting mediation?

Do you still have any concerns about proposing mediation? Are you afraid to suggest mediation to your superiors or the business owner? A voluntary procedure that does not guarantee a valid outcome? A process that accomplishes something you can’t describe at the moment? Do you prefer to be known as a hard-core manager who ruthlessly gets his way at all costs?

Stepping away from positions to seek individual needs and interests is a sign of both courage and strength. So is engaging in a voluntary process, actively listening to each other, respecting each other’s opinions, and jointly seeking a win-win solution.

It is a sign of strength to recognize and manage crisis situations promptly, both internally and between companies.

You can sell mediation in the company as a conciliatory, sustainable, constructive conflict resolution method. The goal is to work out viable, practical arrangements for the future that serve everyone, where no one loses face because there are no losers. Existing business relationships can even be improved. Your employees would remain motivated, unburdened, stress-free, which has a positive effect on their productivity and on the business results.

It is worth a try, right?

Do you object that the discussions already held have not been fruitful until now?

Change the environment. Involve a neutral third party or mediator who leads the process, promotes communication and mutual understanding and helps to break away from entrenched positions.

You retain control

Are you concerned about losing time? – You set the pace, the meeting location, the participants and the topics. To limit the time frame, instead of presenting your views in the mediation sessions, you may prepare position papers and enclosures in advance to share with the mediator and, if necessary, among the mediators. You decide whether to devote one to two days or several hours over a period of weeks intensively to mediation. You decide whether you need time for clarification between sessions or whether you would like to reflect in peace. You actively shape the process.

Developing total or partial solutions – a Win-win situation

Ideally, you work out a complete overall solution. Even with partial solutions, you save time and money by checking off various items and presenting a few issues to a judge.

Conflicts between companies (B2B mediation)

Commercial disputes between companies are suited for business mediation. It may concern disagreements between contractual partners, competitors or customers.

Business succession, generational change

The succession of companies and generational changes may give rise to disagreements.

Internal conflicts

Tensions and disputes may occur between employees, with the supervisor, in the team or between departments. In-house conflicts should be recognized and eliminated promptly, otherwise cooperation between the parties involved will be jeopardized and performance will decline. Disagreements and friction can delay or block projects, which affects the entire company.

With business mediation, you resolve conflicts, build bridges, and internally improve the working atmosphere and cooperation, which proves to be a decisive competitive advantage. Motivated employees are crucial for operational success. I would be happy to help you in this process.

How a mediation process is carried out, and the general advantages and disadvantages of mediation, have been outlined previously under procedure.

Do not wait, accept the challenge and initiate a business mediation. As a SBA / SCCM mediator, I will gladly support you in this process. I am a member of the Swiss Chamber of Commercial Mediation and have a flair for economic issues. At the HWZ University of Applied Sciences for Business Administration Zurich, I was a lecturer in business law for seven years. I look forward to hearing from you.