Win-win solutions to preserve relationships

Are you interested in a win-win solution? Do you want to solve your family problems and save money? Do you wish to maintain the existing relationships? To actively shape your future? If so, mediation is a great start for all couples, parents and heirs!

The sooner you start, the better. After all, an inheritance or divorce can divide your family. Investing time and money in legal proceedings can cause strife and stress among those involved. Unless you choose to personally handle the matter, independently seek a solution that is tailored to and right for everyone involved.

Mediation and intergenerational conflicts / estate planning

What do you want to leave behind? Do you wish to remain unforgotten? Recognize conflicts, work out solutions during your lifetime so that you can pass on your assets without conflict and remain in good memory.

Divorce and family law mediation

Mediation may be your best option if you disagree on some aspects of a divorce, succession plan, or division of an estate.

Mediation is a voluntary, non-contradictory out-of-court problem-solving process. An independent, impartial third person called a mediator sits down with you, understands your goals, addresses both arguments and facilitates negotiations between the divorcing couple, for example. Ideally, you find a value-oriented solution, and resolve all financial and property matters and child-related issues, to develop a parenting plan. This helps you to reach a settlement on your own terms.

Pros of divorce and family law mediation

Mediation allows you to keep control over the process and outcome of your conflict. It is less expensive as you hire only one lawyer, trained in alternative dispute resolution, as a neutral and independent mediator. The process is amicable, not adversarial, confidential and on top of it all takes less time than an adversarial divorce. You part amicably, save valuable resources and avoid the substantial costs of litigation, time, money and stress. You can close your case by filing a fair, amicable agreement in court. You will always be grateful that you have avoided an adversarial lawsuit which is a terrifying experience for most people.

Cons of divorce and family law mediation

The disadvantage of mediation is that there is no certain outcome as all parties involved need to mutually agree. Thus, you may risk wasting time and money on mediation without obtaining a valid result, forcing you to initiate or continue court proceedings.

Self-assessment: reasonable and open to compromise?

Engage in an honest self-assessment: Are you and your counterpart (divorcing spouse, parents, siblings, children in estate planning and succession divisions) reasonable and open enough to make compromises? Can you listen to each other? Do you want to resolve your problems? Would you like to continue with your lives? If yes, try mediation!

If you prefer teaching your spouse or family members a lesson, litigate! The same is true if you believe your partner is only out to get you. It may indeed be cheaper and less tedious to go to court. What is certain is that when you reach out to a judge, you will certainly get a verdict and some closure to your matter.

Consult with a lawyer to determine your strategy. I have completed specialized training in mediation and will help you determine if mediation is the right choice for you. How a mediation process works, what the general advantages and disadvantages of mediation are, has been described previously under procedure. Contact me!