Contributing factors to separation or divorce

Contributing factors to separation or divorce

Are you still happily married? Congratulations! However, not every wedding story ends joyfully and happily. There are many causes why a marriage can fail, such as infidelity, lack of intimacy, lack of commitment, or financial stress. Alcohol abuse tends to coincide with other factors. If you find yourself in an unfulfilled, even unrewarding or destructive marriage, do not suffer. Move on.


Infidelity causes resentment and often breaks the camel’s back. The betrayed spouse will never allow the infidel to forget his or her misstep and the marriage will be jeopardized forever.

Lack of intimacy

Sometimes the fire and passion just burn out. The lack of intimacy and tender gestures are other reasons why a marriage can fail.

No communication or no commitment

No or poor communication, no commitment, no active role in a relationship, no willingness to put in effort or to build trust, taking a marriage for granted, are slow-burning problems that over time may lead to divorce.

Financial strain

Financial strain can challenge a marriage and test it beyond its breaking point. The allocation of income, spending and debt can be quite draining for couples. A common issue is that one partner may feel that the other is not pitching in or is spending too much. A couple’s expenses may be disproportionate to their income, creating problems with loans and debt. Additionally, the cost of raising a child may be higher than what a couple anticipated. Challenging financial realities can add to other underlying and ongoing unresolved marital issues.

Is this true for you?
Do you recognize yourself in such a situation? Have you been trying your best to conquer adversity in your marriage? Do you feel you have depleted all possibilities to preserve the partnership? Reality takes over once you realize divorce is inescapable.

Be courageous. Contact me. I will assist you.