Planning and preparing for a divorce

Planning and preparing for a divorce

Every major decision in life demands careful forethought. Deciding to get divorced is the first step. Congratulations for deciding to move on.

Being informed is the best way forward when an impending marriage dissolution gives you the impression that life is totally out of control. There are many paths you can take. Let me guide you on this journey.

Divorce in 3 steps

Each divorce usually goes through three phases:

  • pre-planning,
  • the actual divorce process and
  • resolution of post-divorce issues.

Well begun is half done
Preparation is the key to success. Knowledge is power. Get a lawyer on your side. Take time to seek advice and plan thoroughly. In the preparation phase you must gather information and documents. I have provided you with a checklist for preparing for divorce if both agree getting divorced, as well as a checklist of helpful documents for a matrimonial proceeding if living apart becomes necessary.


The following key areas need special focus:

Spousal support, income, needs

If you are financially reliant on your spouse, you need to apply for spousal support. Be prepared to make a convincing case for your need for alimony and your spouse’s ability to pay. Collect pay slips, records of household expenses, document your expenditures and proof of your spouse’s income. – How is maintenance calculated?

Conversely, seek advice on how to safeguard yourself financially.

Childcare, school level model

Childcare may restrict reasonable employment. Anyone who has devoted most of his or her time to childcare cannot immediately be expected to start working or to extend gainful employment. From when on does the main caring spouse have to work?

Parental rights and duties

Child custody and support: If you and your spouse are raising children together, define your child’s financial, emotional as well as mental needs. Gather information on scheduling demands, school and after-school requirements.

Document your parenting commitment

Document your parenting commitment in order to make a strong case for maximum parenting time. Your parental rights are fully worthy of your every effort to protect them.

Assets and debts division

Financial details for assets and debts division: Make an accurate inventory of both personal and joint assets, accounts and debts. Next is the valuation of this property: Come to a fair estimate value of real estate, household goods, collectibles, art, jewelry, classic cars, intellectual property, family businesses. The latter can substantially complicate asset division issues.

Assessment and overall strategy

Assess your spouse’s level of cooperation. Additionally, let me know your utmost priorities. Together, we will establish a strategy and a workable action plan.

I encourage you to contact me to discuss your unique case, to learn about your options for action and how to proceed.