Estate planning, brief overview

Estate planning, brief overview

Take a long view!

Do you take out insurance before a total loss occurs? Yes? Then why don’t you personally provide for illness, incapacity and demise? What are you waiting for? For the unforeseen?

Inheritance planning is like taking out an insurance policy. Get started. Call me.

If you intend to save money on advice, it usually only pays off in the short term. Disputes among heirs are costly, very costly. Money invested in a consultation is a sustainable investment that pays off in the long run. You no longer have sleepless nights because you know you have taken all possible precautions. And your survivors, heirs and beneficiaries will be grateful and will remember you fondly.

Prepare your estate plan. It takes five (5) simple steps.

I am ready to assist you with nearly every aspect of your estate planning, to help you skirt the many succession-related land mines.

  • Last Will and Testament
  • Contract of Succession (or “Contract to Will”)
  • Inheritance Renunciation Contract
  • Executorship
  • Business Succession Plan
  • Business Leadership Contingency Plan
  • Guardianship of Minor Children and Other Dependents
  • Living Will
  • Medical Power of Attorney (POA)
  • Organ Donation Instructions
  • General Powers of Attorney (or POA)
  • Other Advance Directives
  • Funeral Directives
  • Organizational Arrangements