Legal disputes, litigation

Litigation is often necessary to enforce claims when out-of-court solutions do not emerge. Whether you are a plaintiff or a defendant, I can assist you in the preferred areas of contract, divorce, estate and commercial law.

Litigating is expensive

Everything has its price. Even legal disputes. Time, money, nerves, stress. Do you think you delegate everything to a lawyer? Really? You lean back? Probably not. Teamwork is the watchword. You know your case, your story.

To litigate means to work hard, to be flexible. Tell your story to the judge. Respond to pressure, counterarguments, rebuttal. Your cooperation is essential throughout the entire process.

Whether a case ends in litigation or a negotiated settlement is sometimes difficult to predict. Keep an open mind, be flexible, adapt to the situation, and set a roadmap for each scenario.

Initial phase

In the initial stage, you will gather information regardless of whether you will participate in mediation, negotiations, or litigation. Without the necessary information, it is not possible to properly defend your interests. Good preparation will ensure that all parties remain calm.

Fair agreement

The preferred scenario for all parties involved is to reach a fair settlement out of court. Each client defines his or her goals. The other side also has expectations. They may clash. Sometimes both parties may be far apart as to what is fair and reasonable. Overwhelming emotions often lead to incisive or escalating conflicts. Without cooperation and mutual agreement from both sides, it becomes necessary to litigate.

Ideally, the parties can agree on a (court) settlement. That said, unfortunately, it is often tricky to anticipate how negotiations will progress.

If a fair settlement is not possible, I am prepared to support you throughout the proceedings and argue your interests in court. My goal is to comfort my clients by listening and by responding to their queries or concerns. I keep my clients posted at every stage of the process. Litigating in court involves both opportunities and risks.

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