Living together, marriage or cohabitation

Living together, marriage or cohabitation

You are living with someone. The relationship is special and perhaps permanent. The way you structure that relationship will have lasting legal and financial consequences.

Money disputes can wreck a marriage, and that is true for cohabiting couples as well.

What happens if you break up? Who gets what?

What happens if your partner dies? Will you inherit anything? Are you financially secure? Will you have a say in the funeral or burial arrangements?

What if there are children? Or stepchildren?

Planning ahead of time can go a long way before partnering with someone for the long term. Marriage and cohabitation agreements should not be taboo. This discussion will spare you and your existing and future children considerable uncertainty, hard feelings and expenses later.

This is a wise moment to seek for professional advice and assistance. There may be a need for action whether you are living together with or without a marriage certificate.