Marry in haste, repent at leisure

In love, engaged, married

Do you dream of a wedding in white? Till death do you part? Marriage includes an inviolable duty of loyalty and support – in good and bad times. As spouses, you must tell each other about your income, assets and debts. You are taxed jointly and live together in a family home.

If a child is born during marriage, the husband is considered the father. Both parents / spouses receive joint parental care.

Should cohabitation no longer be possible, an obligation to pay alimony could result. A marriage is dissolved by divorce or a court order, or by death.

The surviving spouse will inherit from the other spouse according to the law. He or she is protected by a compulsory portion. You may consider making a last will if you do not want the law to determine who will inherit from you.

Unless contradicted by a prenuptial agreement, marriage means in many cases unfettered sharing. Equal sharing.

If you acquire wealth before marrying, think carefully before commingling your assets with marital property. They will be hard to disentangle later. Ask yourself, “What have I accomplished already?”

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you run a business? Do you plough profits back into that business? Have you prepared a prenuptial agreement? Have you arranged management and ownership succession details? In writing?

It is prudent to seek advice early enough. It is money well spent. At least you are informed and know what you are getting yourself into. I can help. Call me.