Negotiated agreements or settlements

Why should you prefer settlement to conflict?

Can you put emotions aside and divorce? Do you prefer to peacefully part ways? Do you wish to execute an inheritance division objectively? Negotiating a fair settlement is the way forward for you and the active solution toward shaping your future.

I always prefer and facilitate negotiated settlements to conflicts in any family or inheritance law proceeding, since an unhealthy dispute only hurts you. Respectful cooperation proves beneficial to everyone involved.

Divorce, for example, does not necessarily mean the end of a relationship. Parents need to be respectful to each other, cooperate on childcare and make parenting decisions even after divorce.

A negotiated settlement sets out each side’s contribution to childcare, which includes parenting plans, custody arrangements, and appropriate child support payments. It does not matter whether the couples are married or unmarried.

In the case of divorce or division of estates, the process often involves complex property division.

If heirs or divorcing couple agree on settlement terms from the beginning, it is more likely to maintain a respectful, supportive and amicable relationship in the future. Everyone lets go and moves on.

How to proceed

How should you proceed when considering negotiated settlements? The process begins with extensive meetings between each client and their attorney to identify each party’s demands and set the primary objectives of the settlement. The process will presumably involve meetings or written settlement proposals between both clients and their attorneys.

Another method of negotiated settlement is mediation, involving an impartial mediator.

Please do not hesitate to contact me. You need to be informed, plan, prepare and document your case. I will be happy to prepare you for what lies ahead.