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There Is No Such a Thing As a Free Lunch (TISNTAAFL).

Every intervention has its price. The client agrees to pay the fees in addition to all expenses of the agent including VAT.

The fee (VAT exclusive) will be agreed upon depending on the value of the case and the specific circumstances (such as the difficulty of the case, urgency, etc.). It is calculated according to time spent based on an agreed hourly rate. In the case of inheritance law, the minimum charge is CHF 350, for divorces CHF 300 and for business mediation CHF 400.

In addition, the client shall pay a lump sum of 3 % of the total fee owed (VAT exclusive). This covers expenses for postage (A class mail), telecommunications, photocopies. All other expenses (such as registered mail, travel expenses) shall be reimbursed separately.

Furthermore, the value added tax (currently 7.7 %) is due for services in Switzerland.

The client shall pay a retainer, deducted from the invoiced amount, before any work is performed. In principle, the client is responsible for his own expenses, including the initial consultation.

As a rule, monthly (interim) invoices are issued. The services rendered are described in detail.

A daily or half-day flat fee can be stipulated for mediation sessions. A retainer must be paid. This will only be refunded if the mediation session is cancelled in writing at least two weeks before the scheduled session.

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