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Mediation and succession planning

No funds despite inheritance. Because of disputes, the heirs receive nothing over a period of years. Nevertheless, the heirs are considered wealthy by the authorities. Do you wish not to expose your heirs to these situations and avoid such headlines? Well, then you should start tackling your succession planning. Day of mediation Today we celebrate the day of mediation. What… Read More »Mediation and succession planning

Day of organ donation

In the event of a fatal accident, a decision must be made about tissue and organ harvesting. If it affects you personally, you are no longer able to express your will. Have you recorded your opinion in writing? Are your relatives informed? Otherwise, they will have to make a far-reaching decision under stress. This is often perceived as a burden.… Read More »Day of organ donation

No Delegation

The testator, born in 1957, adopted by Germans as an adult in 1990, made a will by public deed to dispose his property to his natural Polish parents in 1991. In addition, he made a holographic will in 1998 according to which AA or PA were entitled to designate his savings as well as assets in Switzerland and Germany according… Read More »No Delegation

Proportional right to an inheritance

Active, self-determined estate planning Have you made your own arrangements for your estate? Are you fully utilizing your options? Swiss law determines who will inherit and how much if you remain inactive. How much your legal heirs (blood relatives, surviving spouse) will receive (so-called inheritance quota) depends on your family circumstances. A distinction is made whether you are single or… Read More »Proportional right to an inheritance

Legal / statutory heirs

Who will inherit you if you remain inactive? If you die intestate, without a will or inheritance contract (aka contract of succession) (so-called testamentary disposition upon death), the statutory succession applies. The law determines who will inherit you (so-called legal or statutory heirs) and with what share (so-called inheritance quota). The revised inheritance law does not affect the statutory succession… Read More »Legal / statutory heirs

Whom does a valuable painting in a house belong to?

The grandmother gifted the painting to her niece, and she sold the house to her grandson under a reservation clause. C was the owner of a house with art works, including a painting by the Swiss artist Carigiet. She gifted her niece B this painting by a written contract dated 20 January 2006. The painting remained in the house, as… Read More »Whom does a valuable painting in a house belong to?

Waiver of the usufruct of the residential house

A testator grants his housekeeper, who lives with him, the usufruct of the residential house in his will. The housekeeper reounses the usufruct. A right of use has an objective value: the property can be lived in or rented out to third parties. The usufructuary receives the rental income and bears the expenses (ordinary maintenance, mortgage interest, taxes, duties and… Read More »Waiver of the usufruct of the residential house

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