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Do you lie awake at night? Are you pondering over a lot of things? Are you struggling with a stressful situation or facing an unforeseen difficulty? Do you need someone to talk to before you act? Let an attorney advise you before you make costly mistakes.

I am aware that the law can be confusing and legal matters overwhelming to you. I am happy to offer guidance, advice and other services that you may be in need of. I will be happy to explain the law and your options for action in a way that you will understand and achieve your goals.

The interaction is personal, the consultation is between you and me, one to one. I am happy to answer any questions you may have. I try to keep the process as simple and as stressless as possible.

My preferred areas of practice are estate, matrimonial, family, contract law and commercial mediation.

Inheritance law
Safeguard the future of your family. Protect what is important to you. Pass on your hard-earned assets without inheritance disputes and lawsuits. Take precautions so that estates can be settled quickly and inherited assets can be divided.
Precautions during lifetime
Protect yourself during your lifetime with indispensable documents (powers of attorney, living wills, healthcare proxy). Determine who will manage your assets and make medical decisions if you become incapacitated. As a parent, you also have to plan for your child's needs.
Marriage and family law
Decisions relating to personal relationships trigger concerns and emotions. Family law issues often lead to disputes that require a great deal of sensitivity. They include prenuptial agreements, divorces, paternity, financial obligations and responsibilities, visitation rights, safety, security and the well-being of your children.
Is your marriage crumbling? Are you overwhelmed by emotions? Making decisions is tough. The practical, financial and legal challenges can be resolved. Focus on what's important and plan thoroughly.
Legal disputes, litigation
Litigation - after exhausting all other options - is often the only way to protect your interests. Lawsuits must be filed with the right court at the right place within the time limit. Litigation involves costs and is associated with uncertainty about the outcome.
Negotiated agreements or settlements
Negotiated agreements or settlements are often the best possible outcome. To achieve this and your goals, your case must be prepared for trial and negotiated.
Divorce and family law mediation
Do you wish to work out pragmatic solutions by yourself when faced with family law issues? Voluntarily, with the help of a trained mediator? Mediation is a process that seeks a final, best possible agreement. Maintaining relationships allows parents, for example, to work together on important parenting decisions for their beloved children.
Commercial Mediation
Do you prefer two winners when dealing with conflicts over employees distracted by litigation? Business mediation can protect important rights and interests, often while strengthening the business relationship.
Contract law, negotiating contracts
Contracts shape your everyday life and strengthen relationships. I help you to set your goals, understand and formulate your rights and obligations, to manage and minimize your risks.
Member of the Board of Directors
Independent proxy
Determining strategies, preparing annual reports, as well as checking compliance with the law are some of the non-transferable tasks of the Board of Directors. In the case of listed companies, shareholders may appoint an independent proxy. I am available for mandates as independent board member or independent proxy.

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